Sights & Sounds in West Newbury - 4/19/14

Paula McFarland & I led a small group in West Newbury this morning. 
We visited Withers Conservation Area which is off Middle St., and we
walked out to a point on the lower Artichoke Reservoir.  Then we went
to Cherry Hill Reservoir area and finished at Ash St. Swamp.

Northern Parula by Tim Spahr

Canada Goose 
Mute Swan
Ruddy Duck - Cherry Hill Res.
Hooded Merganser - Ash St. Swamp
Green-winged Teal - drake 
Ash St. Swamp
Common Merganser -  Cherry Hill Res.
Double-crested Cormorant -  Ash St. Swamp
Great Blue Heron - Withers Conserv. Area
Great Egret  -  Cherry Hill Res.
Red-tailed Hawk - 
Withers Conserv. Area
Cooper's Hawk   -  Rogers St.
Turkey Vulture  -  
Cherry Hill Res.
American Crow - mobbing the RT Hawk
Ring-billed Gull 
Herring Gull 
Mourning Dove
Pileated Woodpecker - 
Withers Conserv. AreaRed-bellied Woodpecker     "
Downy Woodpecker            "
Northern Flicker                  "
Blue Jay 
Tree Swallow  
Black-capped Chickadee - pair excavating a cavity,  one landed on a branch above us and showered us with wood chips
Tufted Titmouse 
White-breasted Nuthatch 
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Northern Parula    
1 [early] - seen well at Withers Conserv. Area
Palm Warbler                                                           "
Pine Warbler                                                            "
Yellow-rumped Warbler                                          "
Chipping Sparrow 
Song Sparrow 
Northern Cardinal
Red-winged Blackbird 
Common Grackle 
American Goldfinch 
With best wishes,