Plastics, Birds, Oceans, & Shores

A plastic bags from a shopping trip to the grocery store will float in the ocean for 10 to 20 years, a foam coffee cup remains
in water for 50 years, a photo-degradable plastic beverage holder [on a six pack of beverages] will drift in the currents for 6 
months and a plastic beverage bottle will be around 450 years.  We all need to rethink plastics and the way we dispose of 

Here's a link to a graphic film about plastic as a perils to pelagic birds:

Here's a list the "dirty dozen" - the twelve items most frequently found in the ocean and along our shores:

1. cigarette butts
2. paper products
3. plastic pieces
4. styrofoam
5. glass fragments
6. plastic food bags
7. plastic caps and covers
8. metal beverage cans
9.  plastic straws
10. glass beverage bottles
11. plastic beverage bottles
12. styrofoam cups

Please recycle!

Good birding,