Bald Eagle Class - Northern Essex Community College - February 9, 2014

A delightful group of students from Northern Essex Community College joined me to enjoy an afternoon with the Bald Eagle, one of our national symbols. Bald Eagles from northern New England move south to the lower Merrimack River which provides perfect winter habitat for these majestic birds. During our outdoor class, the students learned about eagle field marks, bill size & shape, cere & talons, eyes & their hunting style, flight speed and altitude, and their plumage & more. The class took place along the Merrimack River’s edge and we had stops at three viewing sites.

Bald Eagles by Phil Brown

While viewing Deer & Eagle Islands, we saw a Great Blue Heron, Turkey Vulture, three eagles in varying plumages & a Carolina Wren.

At Mersen, we saw a three year-old eagle with an Osprey-like head.

At Newburyport Boat Basin, we watched eagles on both Carr & Ram Islands.

Good birding,