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  1. Not sure my post went thru. So I'll repost. I saw a pair of Parula Warblers in my back yard at 3 pm. They were with other warblers which I couldn't id. So I need some experts here. COME ON DOWN! I live at 24 Spofford St., Newburyport. You can park at Deer Island or in my driveway (if you behave). This is abutting Moseley Pines, near the Chain Bridge. Also, I saw a Baltimore Oriole in the yard of the most NWesterly house on Ring's Island at 4:00 pm.
    Renate Kovacs, Auntie Earring

  2. Hi I observed an American Pipit at close range on Plum I Beach #4 on Sunday afternoon. I wanted to report that to the PI bird sightings but couldn't make contact with Tom Wetmore, so, I'll try this. I would like to know how to register sightings on Plum I.


    Bill Carpenter
    Storckton Springs ME

  3. Thanks! You can email Sue at